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 Natalia Stark -- Moon Child's character and EXAMPLE

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Natalia Stark -- Moon Child's character and EXAMPLE Empty
PostSubject: Natalia Stark -- Moon Child's character and EXAMPLE   Natalia Stark -- Moon Child's character and EXAMPLE Icon_minitimeMon Dec 17, 2007 1:48 pm

Application Form

Name: (Lady) Natalia Stark

Age: 21

Gender: Female

House: Stark

Occupation: Noble

Inventory: A very small dagger hidden up her sleeve (literally), and Shadow, her direwolf.


Physical Appearance

(Shadow's fur is black and his eyes are a off-white grey)

Eye colour: Emerald Green
Hair colour: Rich chestnut brown
Height: 5"6
Any distinguishing marks: She has a long scar stretching across her neck. (See more in history). Natalia is also the first Stark since Robb and his siblings to recieve a Direwolf, who is her shadow, and named accordingly. She is known for being a rare beauty among Starks, descending almost directly it seems from Lady Catelyn Stark. She has a thin face, long, but not horseish in the slightest, with a delicate appearance that belies her true self.

Natalia is famed for her green gowns- they are what make up 90% of her wardrobe. She has light skin, slightly tanned, but also very few freckles. Her smile is even, with brilliantly white teeth. Her hair is usually kept loose, left to sit in delicate curls upon her shoulders. Her beauty is known to rival Cersei Lannister's, though they are polar opposites when it comes to looks- Cersei is fair haired and busty, while Natalia is dark haired and delicate.


Personality: Natalia is by far the most intelligent female noble alive. She is not talkative, but merely cuts to the point. She knows what she has and she knows how to use it. She can control people with two of her seemingly abnormal traits- her beauty and her intelligence. One mntue she kind be as kind and as compassionate as a mother- next minute she could be cruel and ruthless as a knife. Her history controls much of her life today- that is her only failing. She dwells on the past, and is often seen to be staring nigh incomprehensibly into space. There is only one thing she truly cares for- her direwolf. Natalia enjoys reading and discussing matters. She is not directly in control of Winterfell, but she is as close to the throne as it is possible to be...

Strengths: As I have already pointed out, Natalia's strengths are threw her intelligence and beauty and her ability to use them to their full potential.

Weaknesses: She dwells in the past far tooo much, which makes her a naturally brooding and distracted person. She was never given weapon training or any other method of self defense, but she has recieved scars from a raider long ago, which has actually weakened her neck, to the point that she is constantly rubbing it, for it gets extremely sore.


History: Natalia was born to loving parents and was doted upon to the extreme. She was raised in Deepwood Motte, inside the Wolfwood. One day, however, a group of drunk Knights marched throuogh, burning the woods. Her father went out to stop them and did not return. Her mother waited anxiously, but when he did not return, she began barring up the house. Though it was no good. The knights swarmed the hous and killed Natalia's mother. They attempted to slit Natalia's throat as well, but as they were drunk, they did not effectively finish her off. She feigned death, however, and the knights eventually left, but not after dropping a torch in the rafters. Natalia, unable to move or utter a sound, simply lay there, alone, her hand clutching her mothers dead fist. Eventually, Natalia was found by what she thought was a person, as she was dragged out of the burning house, but when she blinked clear the ash she realized that it was not a person, but a direwolf, who had hooked his teeth gently into her gown and was pulling her along by it. Natalia felt a wave of sudden and utter relief before passing out.
She woke to find her wolf (as she know thought of him) had dragged her clear of the carnage, and was slowly using it's teeth to tear bandages from her gown. Then, one by one, he gently placed the bandages over Natalia neck. She managed to tie them tightly, and Shadow lay his muzzle on her neck, putting enough pressure on it to stop the bleeding.
As soon as the cut had healed, Natalia, leaning on Shadow, had made her way through the forest and walked all the way to Winterfell. She collapsed at the gates, and one of the gaurds saw her and carried her inside. The guard, a man named Murden, took her with her to his house, and kept her safe there in secret until she was 17. Then he introduced her to the court and NAtalia began to make her own way through life. She never forgot her debt to Murden, and now he is a Commander and has one of the largest paychecks a gaurd may ever recieve. Shadow is allowed to be near her, for Natalia could not stand to be seperated from him. Now Natalia is the closest advisor to the King, some say through her words, but others, suspiscious others, believe that the two are secretly involved, which is false, though the King does love Natalia, Natalia herself never felt any love towards any man, except Murden, who showed his kindness a million times over.

Any other points: Natalia just about hates men, but if she finds the right man who shows extraodinary kindness, she might fall in love one day.

((Note to others-- this is an example character and a 'tutorial' to show how to fill out the sheet. The character of Natalia belongs to the Admin [Moon Child].)
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Natalia Stark -- Moon Child's character and EXAMPLE
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