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 Alexis Flowers -- ACCEPTED CHARACTER!!!

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Alexis Flowers -- ACCEPTED CHARACTER!!! Empty
PostSubject: Alexis Flowers -- ACCEPTED CHARACTER!!!   Alexis Flowers -- ACCEPTED CHARACTER!!! Icon_minitimeSun Jan 27, 2008 10:39 am

Alexis Flowers

Name: Alexis Flowers (Alex or Flowers)

Age: 18

Gender: Male

House: No House

Occupation: Artisan (apprentice black smith)

Inventory: Alexis always wears a half-moon amulate on a silver chain, a sharp dagger he made himself, and a fingerless glove on hir right hand.


Physical Appearance

Eye colour: Sea green
Hair colour: Blond (but often looks black because of soot)
Height: 190cm
Any distinguishing marks: A pale scar on his shoulder (see histroy)

Tall and fair with shoulder lenght blond hair, Alexis is a handsome youth. He wears sleevles leather jerkins and high boots. He is often covered in sooty smears.


Personality:Alexis is very changable one second happy the next angry or sad, he does not have very many friends, because he finds it hard to conect with people. He is very distant most of the time, but he's a fast learner and a dedicated worker. He get's angry when people are treated unequaly for what ever reason, he enjoys the cold.

Strengths: Alexis is quick strong, dedicated and smart, he also seem imune to cold.

Weaknesses: Alexis is not good with people, he often angers or saddens them.


History: Alexis is a bastared abandond by both his mother and father, A rich merchant took pity on him and adopted him, and later payed for his apprenticeship. Alexis works for the Black smith at The High Garden. He has tryed his hand at the sword and lance but is not very skilled at it, his left shoulder was injured by a hedg knight. Alexis forged his first blade when he was 11, he has kept it with him since that day. Many a girl has fallen in love with him, but most fell out of love as soon as the met him. Alexis has been searching for both his parents for near 6 years.

Any other points:Alexis is so insecure around people because he feels that they will all abandon him in the end.
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Alexis Flowers -- ACCEPTED CHARACTER!!! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Alexis Flowers -- ACCEPTED CHARACTER!!!   Alexis Flowers -- ACCEPTED CHARACTER!!! Icon_minitimeThu Jan 31, 2008 3:54 am

Good character!!! Good to have a guy in.
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Alexis Flowers -- ACCEPTED CHARACTER!!!
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