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 Hadyen Targaryen -- ACCEPTED CHARACTER

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Hadyen Targaryen -- ACCEPTED CHARACTER Empty
PostSubject: Hadyen Targaryen -- ACCEPTED CHARACTER   Hadyen Targaryen -- ACCEPTED CHARACTER Icon_minitimeThu Jan 31, 2008 4:05 am

Name: Hayden Targaryen (Ser)

Age: 18

Gender: Male

House: Targaryen

Occupation: Knight/ Noble

Inventory: Hayden wears midnight black armor that was once the Young Dragon's (a Targaryen King) armor, which he had found as a child. He wears a custom made sword of black steel and red rubies in it. He wears fingerless gloves in public, because he has terrible burns on his hands (see history).


Physical Appearance

Eye colour: Violet
Hair colour: Silver
Height: 6" 7
Any distinguishing marks: Burns on his hands.

Everyone says he looks exactly like a young Rhaegar Targaryen, and most girls adore him. He loves wearing black and red, his house colors.


Personality: Hayden is rather cool headed, but loves good laugh. He is a man of many disguises- he can be funny and boisterous or quiet and brooding. He learned this a long while ago (see history). Thinking of his house, and being one of the last, makes him proud. He hopes one day to dispose Robert of the Iron Throne, but not take it for himself. He is not vain- he knows he would make a poor ruler. He is also anxious too see what become of Daenerys, his only living relative. Hayden is a knight, though he has fought few tournies.

Strengths: He is extremely physical and quite attractive

Weaknesses: He has burns on his hands that makes him drop things occasionally. He is slightly worried for his life- he does not want to be the last Targaryen.


: Hayden is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Elia of Dorne, born in secret by Elia just before her death. Hayden was hidden away to prevent him from being murdered, and was going to go with Daenerys, but the knight who took his sister couldn't take a squalling babe as well. He was left in the care of Tywin Lannister, for some reason or another, though his identity was never revealed. Tywin, obviously, guessed he was a Targaryen, by the looks, but thought that maybe he was just a bastard child. Hayden was raised with Jaime in total secrecy, and many who knew him were 'killed in an accident'. Cersei herslef watched him like a hawk, but Tywin kept them well apart. Hayden knew of Jaime and Cersei, but said nothing. He has the ability to keep his mouth shut. However, when Tywin went to Kings Landing after Robert took the Throne, Hayden was 'lost'. In fact, Hayyden was tied up and left in the woods. There he ecame a hermit, though his skills with the blade are still finer than any who live. He was the one who angered the boar enough to attack Robert. He is the one who overheard Cersei and Ned's conversation in the Godswood about the Game of Thrones.
(PS- to see the spoiler, Shannon, just click on the box. Inger, don't click on the box yet, ok?) He is the Knight of Secrets.

Any other points:Hayden still lives in the forest, but he has yet to compete in a tourney...
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Hadyen Targaryen -- ACCEPTED CHARACTER
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