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 Frederik Mormont

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Name: Lord Frederik Mormont of the Riders of Justice

Age: 23

Gender: Male

House: No House.

Occupation: Knight/Freerider/Sellsword/Raider

Inventory: Frederik carries a unique weapon; a staff with two blades on either end, called Grizzlyfang. The weapon is allegedly a common occurance in Southyros, and Frederik, during his many travels, learned to use it.


Physical Appearance

Eye colour: Green
Hair colour: Black
Height: 5'11
Any distinguishing marks: He has a long scar running down his left cheek, and his hands are heavily scarred.

Lord Frederik Mormont is a slender fellow, clean-shaven, yet crude. He is covered with sinewy muscles. Despite the fact he has spent the last decade travelling throughout Southyros, Ghiscar, the Free Cities, and other such exotic locales, his complexion is that of a true Northerner, so pale that it is almost parchment white.


Personality: Lord Frederik Mormont is a pleasant man, almost always smiling and laughing and shouting. Bawdy would be an accurate word for him. He loves wine and ale, doesn't eat much, and is known to appreciate a good tustle.

He can come off as rude or sarcastic, but Frederik truly means well when he teases or irritates those around him.

Strengths: As the leader of a sellsword company [think Brave Companions or Golden Company], Lord Frederik Mormont has excellent leadership skills, and his party-like demeanor and physical prowess are a potent combination for instilling loyalty in his men.

Weaknesses: Lord Frederik Mormont is quite cocky and over-confident in his abilities. He is perpetually underestimating others, which has nearly lead to his death a number of times.


History: Frederik Mormont was born the same day as his twin sister, Dacey Mormont, to their mother, Maege Mormont. Frederik's childhood was a dull one, and his mother often played favourites to his sister, Dacey, or even his younger sisters, of which there were many. Frederik had fond memories, though, of his cousin, Ser Jorah Mormont. Ser Jorah, whenever he returned to visit Bear Island, would always bring Frederik a trinket or a toy, and better still he would bring stories.

Soon, though, due to circumstances unknown to Frederik at the time, Ser Jorah was forced to flee Westeros, never to be heard from again. Shortly after, in a fit of pubescent, juvenile rage, Frederik too fled the island, in the dead of night, not even leaving so much as a note. He had little love for the women in his family.

Frederik made his way the best he could; he travelled across the lands of House Stark, and soon made his way to the eastern shores, where he boarded a cheese merchant's vessel and sailed to the free cities.

Frederik settled, specifically, in Lorath, (after spending a few weeks to a month in some other Free Cities.) Here, Frederik worked as a city guard.

A struggle for power soon erupted between a magister and the Commander of the City Guard. Frederik fought valiantly in this brief civil war, earning him the appointment to Second-In-Command, and elevating the corrupt Commander to a dictator-like status in Lorath. Disgusted at his superior's behavior, Frederik killed the Commander, and put his head on a pike above the city's main keep. Frederik quickly left the City Guard, and the city after that, though he was accompanied by a number of former City Guard and young men who were naturally drawn to his extroverted personality.

Over the next few years, Frederik saw the Riders of Justice formed, with himself at the helm. They travelled across the world, from Ghiscar to Asshai to Southyros, and back again, fighting corruption and hatred and injustice in all it's forms. On one occasion they raided a slavers' caravan, slaughtering the fat Volantene slavers and sending the former slaves free. On another, they pledged their service to a Khal who had been betrayed by one of his own Bloodriders. The Riders of Justice and the young Khal rode into the trecherous Bloodriders' encampment in the dead of night, howling and throwing torches, sending the larger part of the Khalasar scrambling, while they slaughtered the Bloodriders.

To the true and the righteous and the just, the Riders of Justice were a god-send. However, to those who are greedy, the Riders have been called the Scourge of Prosperity. Secretly, Lord Frederik likes the latter name just as much as the first.

Soon, though, Lord Frederik learned of the death of his sister Dacey. While he did not love her well, she was still his sister, and the death pained him to some degree, and made him realize how precious life and love and family can be. He told his freerider's that he was done, and wanted to return home to Westeros. Many of his men, however, followed him.

And so, Lord Frederik Mormont has just landed in White Harbour with fourty-four other riders, to pledge fealty to his mother and the Starks once more.
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Frederik Mormont
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