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Subject: Application Template- USE THIS! Mon Dec 17, 2007 3:01 pm
Copy the code below, fill in all the details the brackets tell you to and post it as a new thread on the board. (delete all info in the brackets before posting)


Application Form

Name: Lya

Age: 15

Gender: Female

House: No House

Occupation: Dancer

Inventory: Lya always wears a pair of small, bell-shaped earrings that tinkles when she dances. She has a pet parakeet (which she got in Braavos) named Summer who is never far away.

Physical Appearance

Eye colour: Large and luminous. Dark, spicy green color.
Hair colour: Silky jet black. Long and curly.
Height: 1m 65cm
Any distinguishing marks: Around her left ankle is a rusted shackle with a few links of broken chain trailing from it. This is from her time spent as a slave outside the Seven Kingdoms.

She wears long, flowing skirts and brightly colored belts. She dances barefoot, but otherwise wears small leather moccasins. Her hair is usually down, with small strands of it tightly braided.

Personality: Lya is fiery and impulsive. She lacks the sense to keep her out of trouble and often follows her instincts. She's superstitious, and believes in luck. She's quite talkative and friendly, but gullible, and believes almost everything she's told. She loves music, dancing, birds, and the sea. She absolutely hates slavery, and chains. She can't stand being chained up, and being restrained in any way terrifies her.

Strengths: She's brave, and a good liar. She can sing well, and dance better tan anyone in the Seven Kingdoms.

Weaknesses: Lya acts before thinking, often without considering the consequences. She's gullible, and easy to trick.

History: Lya was born in Dorne. Her mother, Ani, was a whore, and the only thing she told her about her father was that he was very wealthy. In the mornings, she would be sent out onto the dusty streets to beg for money, and in the evenings she would sit in her mother's small room, listening to people laughing and talking. When Lya was 7, Ani died of sick liver (probably from drinking so much). Lya was turned out into the city. She was found by a poor maester, starving and sick with the flu. When she recovered, he sold her to a wealthy merchant as a potential bed warmer. He in turn put her on one of his slave ships headed to the Summer Isles. In the evenings she would dance for the crew and during the day she helped in the galley. They chained all the oars slaves together, and Lya was made to drag around a heavy canon ball attached to her ankle, so that if she jumped overboard she would sink immediately. She had her tenth birthday on the ship and they arrived two months after leaving Dorne, because of a hurricane that caught them halfway through the journey. She escaped on the docks and bought passage on a ship to Braavos with her singing and dancing. She got Summer as a present from a bar tender in the tavern where she worked. She eventually returned to the Seven Kingdoms smuggled in a crate of candles. From there she made her way south to try and return to Dorne, earning food in the occasional outpost and catching rides on wagons with troupes, merchants, and godsworns. While she was with a small band of hunters, they were ambushed by an outlaw group and Lya was taken prisoner...

Any other points: se still hasn't gotten her shackles removed.
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