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 The Kind's Tourney

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The Kind's Tourney Empty
PostSubject: The Kind's Tourney   The Kind's Tourney Icon_minitimeSat Feb 09, 2008 2:45 am

Hayden moved from tree to tree, his heart beating. He had heard the drums, he had seen the knights. Today, he must compete.

He found his shelter at last, and, biting his lip, he pulled his armor from beneath his bed. It was Rhaegar's armor. Seeing it today, the crowd would go wild. Hayden smiled.


He donned his armor and picked up his hugfe black great sword. Whistling, his black stallion raced out of the trees. Hayden sung onto it's back and galloped for the tourney grounds.

He pulled up at the entrance tent. The man inside was staring at papers and did not see him. Tywin Lannister, the Hand, his father, was watching the man check the papers, but at the sound of hooves, he looked up. Tywin Lannister never showed any emotion, but now plain shock and fear swept across his face.

"No. I am Hayden Targaryen, and I mean to compete. Let me through old man." Tywin watched in horror as Hayden took of his helm and dismounted. Then his face twisted in fury.
"You did not even recognize my name, father? Tut tut. When I am victor, I hope you will shout it loud. I will kill your bastard of a son if I must."
"Jaime... Hayden, no. He did nothing to..."
"I know very well he did nothing. He did nothing as you raised me like a son. He did nothing as you left me to die, as well. He has always done nothing."
"Hold your tongue, ser!" The man who was checlking papers said. Hayden grabbed him by the tunic and lifted him into the air with oine hand.
"I am no ser." He growled, and flung the man aside.
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The Kind's Tourney
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