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 House Frey

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They are bannermen to House Tully. The Freys are a fairly new house, about 600 years old, and are often referred to as upstarts by the older houses. They are frequently described as stoatish or weaselly in appearance. Their sigil is two towers, representing the towers of their stronghold, known as the Twins. The Twins are of great importance because they are the only crossing of the Green Fork, a branch of the Trident.

House Frey is one of the younger houses in Westeros, dating back some six centuries when its founder was awarded lands and nobility. The founding Frey had a vision of building a great bridge spanning the Green Fork of the Trident and began its construction. His grandson ultimately finished the bridge's construction and built wooden keeps on both sides as well. Later generations replaced the timber keeps with identical stone keeps that were named the Twins. A large tower was constructed in the middle of the bridge and called the Water Tower. The Twins' defensible construction and strategic location allowed the Freys to prosper by extracting tolls for passage across the river. The Freys grew into one of the richest and most powerful houses of the Trident. Their quick rise to prominence has caused other powerful houses to look down on them as upstarts.

ENEMY HOUSES: Anyone who offends their honor
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House Frey
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